Grateng med skinke og ost! (keto, glutenfri)

Gratin with Ham and Cheese! (keto, gluten-free)

  AD – This recipe is created in collaboration with and contains links to Tights.no. Gratin with Ham and Cheese! (keto, gluten-free) – Originally, we planned to call this dish something else because it tastes very similar to something my dear parents used to make and is one of my […]

våre beste grove lavkarborundstykker

Our best “grainy” keto bread rolls!

These are our best “grainy” keto bread rolls to date! Simply amazing! You can swap the sesame seeds for black sesame seeds, use brown og golden flaxseed, swap pumpkin seeds with hemp hearts – whatever your heart (or should I say mouth) desire. See pictures under recipe card for varieties 🙂 […]

Keto white bread with crispy crust

Keto white bread with crispy crust!

I have long thought to try to make this keto white bread I found on a Danish blog. Long live laziness, and all that jazz. What stopped me was the fact that it contains 9 !!! eggs, of which 6 of them only egg whites. I mean, in addition to […]

Easy Low carb Naan!

Yesterday we came up with a recipe for mini pizza crust in the microwave! This gave us an idea and the experiment continued! The end result? A totally and insanely good low-carb naan, that is so easily made that it almost makes itself. We never use recipes when we make garlic […]

Keto iced coffee!

The worlds best iced coffee! Keto iced coffee!   Print Forberedelse 10 minutter Tid 10 minutter Total tid 20 minutter   Skrevet av: Fett & Forstand Serveringer: 2 glasses Ingredienser: 1 ice cube bag with ice cubes made of strong coffee 1 tbs tagatesse 1 tbs water 1 tsp butter […]

Happy Holidays with Fett & Forstand – Gingerbreak cookies

Finally finally FINALLY! Finally, a low-carb gingerbread that doesn’t remind me of cardboard. I don’t know how many recipes I’ve tried, both self-composed and other peoples recipe, and I get disappointed every time. But finally, we all can enjoy some crispy gingerbread cookies! They are not as “hard” as traditional […]