Sweet tooth

Jordbærmousse med sjokoladeganache

Strawberry mousse with chocolate ganache!

Valentines is over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t surprise your certain someone (or better yet – yourself!) with this fresh and decadent dessert! Any day is as good as the other when it comes to love, strawberries and chocolate – or the love of strawberries and chocolate. This […]

supermyke cookies

Super soft Vanilla & Strawberry Cookies in the microwave!

Super soft, spungy cookies with strawberry and vanilla flavor – quick, easy and incredibly tasty. Perfect when you want to treat yourself to something extra, but don’t have the energy to do cook! Pssst; The longer they cool, the harder they get! Super soft Vanilla & Strawberry Cookies in the […]

lavkarbo ostekake med bringebærcoulis

No-bake cheesecake – “Raspberry Rebel”

Meet the “Raspberry Rebel” – a lovely cheesecake with raspberry coulis and nut base with chocolate flavour. It’s the rebellious sister of our most popular cake – “Blueberry Bliss”. There might even pop up more siblings in the future! This cake has the perfect balance between sweet, sour, and a […]